MyPEEPS (Male Youth Pursuing Empowerment, Education and Prevention around Sexuality) is a smartphone app created to empower young guys who like other guys to make safe, educated decisions about their sexual health. 

People who use the app will complete activities and games to learn about HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs), safe sex, effective communication in relationships, and much more.  

We are looking for people to participate in our study. Participants in the study are eligible to earn up to $275 in compensation.

Participating in the study will involve an online or in-person visit with study staff from one of our locations (New York City, Chicago, Birmingham, or Seattle) where you will take a survey on a tablet or computer.

We will also ask you to complete surveys every 3 months for up to 1 year.

At some point during the 1 year, we will give you access to the MyPEEPS app to use.

To see if you might be eligible to participate, click the Sign Up tab at the top of the page.