Get Connected in Birmingham


There are a lot of great local resources for the LGBTQ community in Birmingham.  Here are just a couple of them:

Birmingham AIDS Outreach

205 32nd St South Birmingham, AL



BAO serves people living with HIV/AIDS, at-risk, affected individuals, and the LGBTQ community through outreach, prevention education, and supportive services. 


The Hub

2217 6th Avenue Birmingham, AL



The Hub is a welcoming, comfortable space for young gay, bisexual and trans men to relax, build a support system, and enhance their HIV/STI knowledge and risk reduction behaviors through education and positive initiatives led by members of the community themselves.

Magic City Acceptance Center

Magic City Wellness Center

2500 4th Ave South Birmingham, AL



The Magic City Acceptance Center (MCAC) is an affirming space for LGBTQ youth and their allies, offering weekly supportive and social services.

The Magic City Wellnes Center provides LGBTQ individuals and their allies primary care, PrEP, Hormone Replacement Therapy, and Massage Therapy.