MyPEEPS Mobile

A new research study for young men and their sexual health

Participants will test a new smartphone app called MyPEEPS

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Meet the guys!

These are the characters that will guide you through the app


Philip aka "P"

P’s pretty straight-laced and people call him “preppy.” He recently came out as gay to his close friends, these days he’s experimenting more with guys. P isn't out to his family and most of his friends because he knows they will not accept him. One of his best friends is Nico.



Nico is completely out and proud, but is still learning how to embrace both his Native cultural side with the non-Native mainstream LGBTQ side. Because he "walks in both worlds," he meets all types of guys. He is attracted to white, preppy frat-types which makes some of his family angry because they want him to be with another Native or person of color (POC).


Artemio aka "Art"

Art and Philip dated for a whole day in 9th grade. They ended things because they realized they’re better friends than boyfriends. Art is bi and goes online mainly looking for hook-ups and he’s pretty open about it. 



Tommy’s popular and friends with everyone! He works in an HIV/STI clinic and knows a lot about sexual health. Most people think he’s had a lot of personal experience with sex, but he’s only been with three guys so far.